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The train station is run down but the friendly staff make up for that. The train to Cermei is obsolete and often breaks down. The train travels no faster than 20 mph because the track needs attention.
There is a great magazin that sells coffee and tea. There are also snacks including ham and cheese rolls. In the summer they make their own ice cream with the ingredients sourced locally. The flavours are delicious especially the vanilla as you can see the vanilla seeds in it. The magazin is operated by tootsie and papa with Christine helping out at times when she's not working in Europe. Christine speaks fluent English as do her brothers. Learnt from cartoons as children I'm told. It's well worth a visit.
Ineu is a small vibrant town with friendly local residents. There are numerous shops and places to eat. I had very good meals at the Central Hotel and nothing in Romania is expensive.
I can't wait to go back.
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